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We offer a wide variety of Flagpoles to meet almost every requirement. In our Online Store you will find Commercial Flagpoles for that Office Building, School or Post Office. If your a Homeowner you may want to check out our Residential Flagpoles. These range from 6' Outrigger Poles to 25' gound based poles. We also provide Nautical Flagpoles as well as Fiberglass Flagpoles.

The following shows basic guide lines for installing a flagpole securely in the ground.
  1. Dig foundation hole 3 to 4 times the butt diameter of the flagpole.
  2. Set the foundation tube so that the top of the foundation tube is two inches above grade.
  3. Plumb foundation tube and brace so that it will not move during pouring of the concrete.
  4. Pour concrete and trowel up even with the top of foundation tube. Keep inside of foundation tube dry.
  5. Lay on saw horses and unwrap, If a 2 or more section pole, check both male and female areas for any burrs. If any are found, file them off and then wipe areas clean. Then, fully grease jamb sleeves, line up arrows on each section and jamb together. Also, make sure that the numbers which appear on the pole at the joints between sections are not the same numbers, the sections will not fit properly. If no numbers, please disregard the above.
  6. crew the trunk into the top of the pole. Use the wrench to assure tight fit. If cap style trunk is used, be sure set screws are well tightened.
  7. Screw ball into truck and tighten ball set screw. Ball should be tightened into truck tightly by turning stem of ball with a wrench. Do not tighten ball proper.
  8. Slide aluminum flash collar on from the bottom of the pole to above cleat level and attach cleat with one screw to hold flash collar unon oafter erection of pole. Then remove cleat, slide flash collar down and replace cleat. Caulk between the collar and the pole with a waterproof sealant. ( Disregard these flash collar instructions if no collar is required.)
  9. Thread rope through sleeve pulley of trunk and tie ends together so that the rope will not dro0p out of the sheave during erection of the pole.
  10. Erect pole into foundation tube and center in foundation tube. Turn so that cleat holes are in the direction desired.
  11. Place wood wedges supplied by others between the pole and the foundation tube and plumb hole.
  12. Pack dry sand between the pole and foundation tube. Leave 2 inches void at the top and fill with waterproof sealant to keep water out of sand.
  13. Attach rope cleat to pole.
  14. Loop snaps on rope, space properly to take flag size being used.

IMPORTANT: When erecting piece flagpoles never place your sling at the top of the pole, sections could separate during hoisting.

ALSO: For yardarm type flagpoles, please locate 3 pre-drilled holes approximately 1/3 down from top of pole. Take the 6x9" plate and thru the plate, secure nuts and washers.

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